Hello, my wiki followers! I'm creating the first EVER blog post on our wiki. Unfortunately, it's about Terraria. If anyone has Terraria PC and would like to join my server, I would be grateful. The password is 'Hot Chilli Peppers' and my Steam account is 'mrmcminer1', no spaces and no caps. 

It is a corruption world (it said making the world evil), and I haven't explored anything yet. You spawn on a fairly flat surface. It is in v1.2.4.1, and I really want you to join, Dakotap123 or Silentclan - if you have terraria on PC. There are rules you have to obide...

Rule One: My house will be at spawn. Dakotap123's and Silentclan's house will be on the beaches of the world.

Rule Two: When we spawn, DON'T go exploring. Just shop as much wood as possible. Once you've obtained 999 pieces, or night falls, throw the wood to me.

Rule Three: All the NPC's live at mine.

Rule Four: The main store room is at mine.

Rule Five: We share.

Rule Six: No Griefing

Rule Seven: FUN!!!!

Join tonight before 1am or tommorow from 3;50 - 1am