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  • King Creator the VIII

    Hello, my friends! Welcome to another blog post! This one is about something I have thought about for ages...

    Maybe as developer, we could promote the game, by me uploading a LP videos. We could start recording it during Alpha stage and we could continue to episode 100!!! Anyway, we could all pick three of the five classes; Warrior, Archer, Sorcerer, Summoner or Healer. 

    There are about 8 of us who are active. This means if you all want to do it, we may end with lots of a certain class. There must be at leat one person of each class. I will do the LP so long as at least one of you want's to do it.

    I should sum up each class for you quickly. The Warrior uses melee weapon, which includes most swords.

    Things like Boomerangs and flails are RANGED w…

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  • King Creator the VIII

    Hello friends! Today I have got big news! As some of you may know, I am working on a cavamine ID Sheet. Well we have reached item 25,000!!! Actually, 25,004. We also have 31 NPC's and 12,893 mobs!!! And 36 bosses! And 37 biomes! All that is just for release. 

    But, I'm greedy. I want to release it at item 50,000, 50 NPC's, 25,000 mobs, 50 Bosses and 50 biomes. I'm out of ideas and I need your help. I'm only going to let you see the ID sheet once I have them all sprited, described and we have reached our goal. 

    Sprites are a problem. While Dakotap123 and Silentclan's item sprites are good, I don't know about there spriting of mobs and bosses. Hopefully, they can both sprite them well. If not, Im sure 652GreyStripe can help us....

    My main Spriter…

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  • King Creator the VIII

    Hello, my wiki followers! I'm creating the first EVER blog post on our wiki. Unfortunately, it's about Terraria. If anyone has Terraria PC and would like to join my server, I would be grateful. The password is 'Hot Chilli Peppers' and my Steam account is 'mrmcminer1', no spaces and no caps. 

    It is a corruption world (it said making the world evil), and I haven't explored anything yet. You spawn on a fairly flat surface. It is in v1.2.4.1, and I really want you to join, Dakotap123 or Silentclan - if you have terraria on PC. There are rules you have to obide...

    Rule One: My house will be at spawn. Dakotap123's and Silentclan's house will be on the beaches of the world.

    Rule Two: When we spawn, DON'T go exploring. Just shop as much wood as possi…

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