Thirst is a game mechanic that will deplete a little bit each minute, the only way to refill it is to have a Water Bottle.You start out with 100 Thirst, and can be incrased to 5000 Thirst. Unless you have a charm that will slow your Thirst loss, you will need a waterfall to be by you so it is easy to setup a farm to get water. You will start with 5 water bottles in your inventory, so use them wisely. If you get down to 30% Thirst, it will start depleting 5 per minute, then if you get down below 10% you will get the 'Dying of Thirst' debuff.

There will be a different number of clicks for each item, some the same, most different. The items that can hold water/Drinks;


Water Bottle - 2 Clicks

Can - 1 Click

Mug - 3 Clicks

Cup - 5 Clicks

Rare: Coffee Machine (Block) - Infinite (Needs Coffee Beans and Mug(s))

Very Rare: Milkshake Maker (Block) - Infinite (Needs Milk, Strawberries/Bananas/Chocolate and Cup((s))

Super Rare:

Water Tank (Block) - Infinite (Need Cups)

Drink Types:

Water - Nothing

Coffee - Gives you the Hyper buff

Milkshake - Gives you the Slurp buff - this increases all stats by 10%

Fizz (Soda) - Gives you the Hyper buff

Salt Water - Damages you

Ale - Gives you the Tipsy buff

If you have a Cup, you can get a Cup of Soda, and so on, you can only get a can with soda, and not a can of coffee or water.