'Your head begins to ache - Natural Spawn of Skullinizer

Skullinizer is a pre-hardmode boss, that is summoned using a Cracked Skull. He has 8,600 HP and does 18-24 damage to the player.

He will attempt to spin into you with his skull (Like Skeletron) and will also fire Sinew Bombs, which do 20 base damage. 

He has to be fought during the night. If the day comes while he is stil alive, he will explode and 10-15 Sinew Bombs will spawn and explode.


The Skullinizer drops:

85-150 Bone (100%)

Skull Gun (14.28%)

Cranium Ring (14.28)

Skullinizer's Bone (3.33%)

Skullinizer Trophy (50%)

Skullinizer Mask (50%)


  • This idea was originally though up on the FIW, however it was made by King Creator the VIII, who made this page as well.
  • He is considered the third hardest boss pre-hardmode, only worse than the ??? and the World Breaker