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Check out the food page! there are 23 food items planned already! the game is moving on so fast! I think I can say for everyone, I cant wait until the first update comes out! -Dakotap123

Woohoo! This is going well! When we start getting busy our wiki will explode off! Im also working on a extremely large project to do with how this wiki works - and I will have a new account then!!! - King Creator the VIII

Well, I can get almost any mob or Npc, so message me if you need a sprite or such. Also I will randomly add sprites to pages, but please, message me if you do not like a sprite. And also, tell me how I can improve it to your liking. ~Silentclan

The developers are working on coding, sprites, ideas, and much more, but you can add your own ideas too! There is a 99.9% chance that it will be added!. -Dakotap123 & King Creator the VIII

The wiki is going along great with almost 10+ planned blocks this game is going to be great I hope I get to be one of the first people to play it/beta test it! - smitty the archangel

Wow! 32 Pages... Amazing! This wiki is goin` along great There will be many, many, many, more items and blocks added. As I said before, it is going along Great! ~Silentclan

Watch us grow! Sorry for being inactive, I was on vacation with my aunt Aydelede. There are 50+ items confirmed, so keep up the good work! - King Creator the VIII

I now added more pages, I hope this Wiki gets more people on it :D - Buggsy101

This game is coming along awesomely :)- partyanimal23

Wow, the game is probably gonna be popular -

So, you and Silent are in on this Sliver? Count me in!- FireBlade45

If you write a post, please add two spaces between every post.