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Hello and welcome to the Cavamine wiki! This wiki was founded at 17:53 (5:53 PM if one is on standard time) on the 9th June in 2014. This is all about the fan game that the wiki team, which is King Creator the VIII, Dakotap123 and Silentclan, are making.

The game is a sandbox game, that will be released for PC, then Xbox 360 and then onto mobile devices, like iPhones, iPods and IPads. It will be created on XNA version 4.0 and the Pre- Alpha is scheduled for the end of this year to the beginning of next year. It will be two dimensional and have four game modes; survival, creative, adventure and of course, Capture the Flag.

When using this wiki, please obey the Cavamine wiki rules, which are all found on a separate page in the Wiki Essentials and Rules category. The bureaucrats do not like to block or ban people, but if the rules are ignored, it is done to keep a nice and happy quality to our wiki.

Please feel free to make your own pages on your own ideas, but do not create pages that are: copyrighted, directed from a previously broken link or that may be in appropriate. Please don't edit others pages, unless it is a grammatical error or you are adding categories.

If there are any problems, feel free to contact me (King Creator the VIII) or any other admins to get it sorted out as we want this wiki to be friendly and kept nice and tidy.


Hello good people and I am your reporter, Joseph Brookley , or King Creator the VIII! I will be updating this news section every week and I shall pick out certain things from the wiki that really stand out and pick the User of the Week! I will also give you hints of what coming up in the game and there will be a topic for every week that all pages you create must be on or your page will be deleted.

So our topic is: Items, Weapons, Blocks, and Materials

User of the Week: 652Graystripe

This will be updated on Sunday for the User of the Week, and randomly for the topic.

Joseph Brookley Over and out!

List of admins

King Creator the VIII (Developer and Founder) Dakotap123 (Developer) Silentclan (Developer) 652Graystripe (CSS, JS and Coding) Smittythearchangel LordDarpinger

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