Colored names and avatar borders

Requests are OPEN!

Recently, I've joined this wiki and become admin. I've seen ways I could help this wiki CSS-wise. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It can be used to make wiki-wide changes, such as giving one person a colored name through all of the wiki.

That's why I'm taking requests to color peoples' names.

Below, please comment, including:

  • Desired color (hex code or color name)
  • Font weight (bold or plain)
  • Font family (what font you want)

Administrators may also request page name colorings, such as the one I have applied to the main page.

One may also request an avatar border, such as the one that Dakotap123 has. With that, request only the color, and I will give it to you.

Please note that CSS takes a little while to update, and you may need to refresh (ctrl-R on Windows, command-R on Mac, or just press the little "reload" button in the hotbar of your browser) to see the changes.

Thanks! Enjoy!